09.24.03 · Phone messages are back!

After two years without phone messages people still haven't been able to get over the idea of not having them. Someone posts something on the message board at least once a month mentioning how much they miss the personal phone-ins from Nina. Well, they're back! We're still testing this new system out so bare with us. Go listen for yourself in Nina's Room.

09.16.03 · Nina to perform at Bring the Rock V

Once again, Nina will be bringing the rock on September 22nd at Largo. Bring the Rock V - The MTV Show will feature guest appearances by MTV's Kennedy and Chris Hardwick. You can also expect a performance by Colin Hay from Men At Work. And here's the reason I know some of you would give your eye teeth to be in LA for this show: Nina and the rest of the BTR house band will be joined by a new member, none other than Kay Hanley of Letters to Cleo! For more details head to the Shows section.

A new group of downloads have been added to Sights and Sounds from Nina's performances at the Bring the Rock shows so far!

Nina, Dave Gibbs and Kay Hanley will also be performing acoustic sets at the Hotel Café on October 20th.

08.25.03 · Nina sings "One More Time"

Nina's cover of "One More Night" by Phil Collins has been added to Earthcrossing. She performed the song at Bring The Rock I back on May 21st. Reviews of other recent shows have also been added so go check them out. They're all in Earthcrossing, the tour archive created by fans for fans!

06.25.03 · Two new shows announced

For those of you in southern California, Nina will be performing at the Hotel Café with Kid Lightning on July 20th and the following day you can find her at Largo for Bring The Rock III. Check the shows page for details.

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